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Click DIP Switch And Turn Switch

Currently burning up the Internets, causing nerdgasms whichever way they turn, these are the Click ‘Dip Switch’ and ‘Turn Switch’ watches.

Available through online retailer Watchismo, these circuit board and ‘old tech’ inspired pieces are available for a geek friendly $150-$170.

Available in two main variants (Dip and Turn) there are a host of colour and strap options available, including trim in black, blue, green and red and straps made from metal or a cloth ‘ribbon connector’ style.


The brushed or black IP coated cases are 42mm tall x 35mm wide.

Functionally they’re pretty basic (12/24 hour time, calendar, and backlight), but with control being done via the dip or turn switches, and the addition of funky graph style displays, the geek fun continues beyond just the look.

Speaking of which, the watches also come in circuit board packaging, which is a great touch.

Given the amount of coverage these Click watches have had today, I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to get your hands on one for a while!

Nevertheless, onto my Xmas list they go ;-)

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