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Parmigiani Toric Ovale

This one’s not new new – information about it has been circulating since late last year.

However, more details did emerge during SIHH, and it’s such an interesting piece – telescopic hands! – that we felt a quick update was in order.

30 pieces will be made in rose gold and 30 in white gold.

Each will be a rather large 52.2mm and house an enamel dial.

As alluded to, and as you see from the picture, the main feature of this watch – inspired by early 19th century British watchmakers Vardon & Stedmann – are telescopic hands that get longer or shorter as they rotate around the oval dial.

Movement is the Swiss automatic PF in-house caliber 111 with 269 components and an 8 day power reserve.

As you’d expect, this is not a ‘cheapie’ watch :-)

MSRP is $95,000.

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