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Welcome to Winderz!

Winderz is a site for anyone with an interest in watches, clocks and any sort of horology related materials.

We may at times be somewhat .. ‘irreverant’, but don’t let that put you off:  we do love watches and clocks, and are genuinely interested to hear about all the news and gossip from that area – new or old, top-shelf or janky old market junk ;-)

Happy to take user contributions – show us your daily wear or flea-market find!

Manufacturers and PR folk, please use the form below for enquiries regarding evaluation models, giveaways and the like.

You can also find Winderz on Facebook right here.

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  1. […] Don’t forget, if you have news, gossip, press releases, pics or anything else you think we might be interested in you can drop us a line at webcontact at winderz dot com, or fill in the online form. […]

  2. […] I couldn’t find too much more info on this one (there’s no manufacturer I could see), but if anyone knows more, please let me know. […]

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