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De Motu Acceleration

Finland’s De Motu watch company have created something for the daredevils amongst you.

Redolent of an aircraft instrument, look closely at what you might initially think is the time dial and you’ll realise it’s counting up from 0 to 10. Hmm.

That’s because this dial (the larger of the two) measures  G-force. Maximum and current.

All the way up to 10G!

Not many of us would hit 10G (thankfully), but then most of us probably aren’t in De Motu’s target market :-)

88 of these pieces will be made initially.

Unsurprisingly they’re rather chunky at 48mm.  There’s an AR-coated sapphire crystal and water resistance to a paltry 10 meters (obviously made for use in the air, not underwater!).

Movement is the in-house electro-mechanical De Motu DM101 with 14 jewels. Functions are: G-measurement, hours, minutes, seconds, date.

No word on pricing at this stage.

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