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Hysek Furtif Micro Rotor Chronograph

What do you make of this new one from Hysek?

There are elements I really like – the ‘floating’ case for example.

For me I’m just not sure the gold crown area works against the dark titanium case colour though.  Purely personal taste.

What do you think?

[Press Release] Light with its in-house titanium and rose gold case, ergonomic and mobile handles fitting the wrist, this reference succeeds in showing intense originality to the smallest detail.

Building on the success enjoyed by its Skeleton Tourbillon, the Furtif collection sees the addition of a new model, equipped by a caliber which has been created, developed and assembled within the Hysek manufacture. The options of this chronograph movement, set in action by pieces such as classical column wheel, levers and springs beveled by hand, were significantly improved following an extensive engineering work.

Thus, the automatic winding of this caliber is no longer assigned to an oscillating classical turning point mass, but to a double micro-rotor integrated into the movement structure itself. This latter allows to increase the winding power by combining the oscillating weight in 22K gold visible on the dial side to the one present on the back of the watch, while offering a maximum of visibility on the movement decoration.

This HW40 located in the heart of the Furtif case, very architectural, reveals the power of an avant-gardiste, intensely urban chronograph.

Ulysse Nardin Chairman ‘WAVE’ Collection

Ulysse Nardin have announced an update to their Chairman Collection of phones – with the ‘Wave’.

You can read the full press release below, but you won’t be able to get your hands on one until 2012; by which time we’ll all be sporting the skin-embedded iPhone Ware ™ of course :-)

You still get to wind the thing up and there’s a funky rotor on the rear, along with thumb-print recognition technology.

3.2″ touchscreen and 32GB of memory.

Not 100% my thing as I think I’d miss my current apps, but as a geek I’d love to have a play with one .. :-)

[Press Release] Scientific Cellular Innovations (SCI) presents the new “WAVE” Collection for the Ulysse Nardin Chairman smart phone. This stylish offering showcases Ulysse Nardin’s nautical heritage by incorporating intricate wave designs throughout, including within the bezel underneath crystal details, the ceramic inlay between the keys and the battery cover. In addition to a newly designed crown and rotor, the Chairman “WAVE” Collection features a fully polished case and chassis along with a chic matte ceramic back. This latest collection is available in four variants, BLUE WAVE in Stainless Steel and in Rose Gold exposing a blue movement as well as BLACK WAVE in Stainless Steel and Rose Gold with gold movement decorated with black enamel. These new additions to the Chairman collection will be available early in 2012.

The pinnacle of smart phone design, the Chairman is licensed by Ulysse Nardin and is the culmination of rigorous research and development by Scientific Cellular Innovations (SCI) to pair the historical, mechanical art of watch-making with modern technology. The Chairman features many of Ulysse Nardin’s iconic design elements, including the distinctive Ulysse Nardin mechanical watch rotor which creates kinetic energy to supply supplemental power to the phone. The Ulysse Nardin Chairman offers 32GB of memory, a 3.2’’ touch-screen with thumb print recognition and 3G capabilities.


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